👋 Hey there! Here’s a first look at my new portfolio, which is currently still in beta. Come back soon for a finalized version!

Eight Branches is a traditional Chinese medicine college based in Toronto, Canada.

Brand planning
Web development
Graphic design
Sarah Wong (lead design)
Leah Wei (design & strategy)
Judy Gu (photography)
Framer Motion
Netlify CMS

Project Brief

Eight Branches wanted to stand out from rival colleges by incorporating modern design trends in a way that wouldn't alienate some of their older students.

Following a thorough strategy phase which consisted of market analysis and user research, our team created a visual system that would reflect the compassionate, approachable and professional values of the academy.

The stamp logomark is central to Eight Branches' visual system. When use of the full logomark may not be appropriate, it can be used on its own (middle). The border radius can also be used to frame images (right). The leaf forms within the stamp can be used as a pattern for other applications (left).
With the college's future growth in mind, we created an expansive brand book that set specific guidelines for brand applications. Download the PDF here.
It was important for Eight Branches to be able to manage their website's content on the fly. Everything from the bulletin board annoucements to academic requirements and an individual program's information is connected to a CMS for maximum flexibility.